Paint & Pesticide Respirator Replacement Cartridges and Pre-Filters

  • These cartridges and pre-filters are approved by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) to the P95/OV category.
  • The long-life pre-filters are approved to the NIOSH P95 Class, so they are at least 95% efficient against oil- and non-oil based contaminants, and are oil-proof so they have no time use limitation.
  • These cartridges include Pre-Filter covers with narrow openings to retain the P95 pre-filters on the cartridges, and to assist in fit checking the respirator for proper fit.
  • These cartridges are only compatible with SWX series Full Facepieces or Half-Mask Facepieces. They are not certified with any other facepiece.
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Applying Pesticides, Spray Painting / Varnishing Wood

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